Virtual facilitation and training for remote teams

Virtual facilitation and training for remote teams

“Relationships fuel a team, not physical proximity” Pilar Orti

If you need to redesign your face to face meeting into a digital one we are here to help you!

As service partners of the VideoFacilitator platform, IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitators (CPF) and experts in virtual facilitation, we are pleased to enhance your ability to facilitate virtual meetings by learning how to perform them in an effective and agile way.

You can book a free demo to learn the technical functionalities of VideoFacilitator and we can support you in training, organising and facilitating your online teams and workshops:

  • Organise a tailor made training on how to be effective in planning, designing and facilitating a virtual meeting or workshop; 
  • Help you to design a face to face workshop or event that you had planned into an online and digital one (In Person On Line IPOL digital one).
  • Mentor your team and facilitate directly your online meetings and workshops, if you want.

Contact us today to book a free technical demo!