Work must go on!

Work must go on!

How is the impact of the COVID19 affecting your businesses? What are you doing differently?

We work as facilitators and process consultants so all our face to face, co-located workshops and events had two alternatives, postponement/cancellation or finding proactive solutions with the clients to go ahead all the same!

We have transformed this challenge into creative energy and have convinced our clients to move to facilitated and moderated digital workshops and meetings by applying our skill and expertise in the field. 

As you may imagine the clients initially were a bit skeptical but as everyone wants to react and transform the feeling of helplessness and fear into one of renewal and positiveness we had a very positive response and enthusiasm. 

Virtual Facilitation by FUTOUR with VideoFacilitator

Although most people are used to face to face meetings, because everyone can interact with all the senses, there are great advantages in terms of effectiveness, focus, productivity and impact of the meetings and brainstormings that are facilitated online. 

  • People can join just with a click, without travelling to and from a place. Imagine the savings in time, commuting, carbon emissions, stress..
  • Save all the costs that one would incur with a venue, catering, logistics in a colocated meeting with the possibility of creating instead functional virtual working spaces with tools for people to brainstorm and work.
  • There is a lot more focus and impact. A digital meeting, with proper prior planning (see below), can be more targeted and productive.
  • A very collaborative, joyful and trustful atmosphere can be created by introducing some ice breakers and setting common rules.

Like any facilitated meeting or workshop it is fundamental to plan properly the purpose, outcome and process and to perform a quick rehearsal between the client and our team. Practice makes perfect!

How can we continue to work, collaborate and transform challenges into opportunities? Develop new ideas, innovate and co-design?

We are here to help you!

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“The show must go on!” Freddie Mercury