mongolfiera1-214x300Those who sow creativity and innovation harvest the future
FUTOUR is an innovation firm that uses human centered, design based approaches to help public and private organisations grow, innovate, change, develop capabilities, build business and shape the future in an effective and sustainable way. FUTOUR is specialised in rapid prototyping of future products, processes and services, in problem solving and decision, strategy and policy making. It facilitates people and organisations through high touch and high tech creativity techniques and participatory methods developed with the most advanced international creativity and innovation accelerators, Future Centers and Living Labs, through bottom-up user driven design. FUTOUR is the first global mobile Future Center leading projects and programmes with an extensive network of process consultants and facilitators. Over the years, hundreds of thousands of key stakeholders have been engaged in participatory design workshops, helping organizations and society to prepare for future challenges, creating collaborative spaces that strengthen creative processes and transform ideas into actions. Dialogue and leadership are keywords. FUTOUR believes strongly that in its innovative and systemic approach, there is the promise to sustainable answers for current complex questions: as Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”.
The participatory workshops designed by FUTOUR:

  • Put the user and people at the center of the innovation and design process.
    Accelerate knowledge sharing and decision-making processes.
  • Stimulate the involvement in and shared planning of development and systemic innovation.
  • Develop innovative projects by focusing on different points of view and best practices to achieve sound and sustainable results.
  • Create processes and projects that generate benefits and are consistent in terms of deadlines, strategies and means.
  • Raise awareness and stimulate concerted ideas and guidelines for future projects, as a means of contributing to local and regional system competitiveness and innovation;
  • Enhance the preparation and methodology of thematic working groups.
  • Improve the engagement, imagination, creativity, and concreteness of the participants.

FUTOUR integrates the following aspects:

  • METHODOLOGY: planning meetings and venues in which, supported by dedicated staff, clients can work on their projects applying best practice procedures and methodologies for the vision, creation, formulation, analysis and formalization of their ideas. Futour uses and applies innovative methods and tools to solve problems and develop strategies, products, services and policies (EASW, GOPP, OST, Electronic Town Meetings, Focus Groups, Knowledge Safaris and Cafès, Fast Prototyping).
  • RELATIONS: drafting studies on systems that favor relations, interaction and collaboration between clients and/or centers of excellence and territorial systems via the organization of networks of vision and inspiration sharing. FUTOUR partners’ well-established, long-term international contacts and experiences enhance the relational capital.
  • SPACE: consulting for dedicated venues with solutions for design, layout, construction materials, lighting, scents, sounds, furnishings: all studied to favor the development of creative and collaborative attitudes. FUTOUR provides flexible solutions, services for dynamic and fixed-site projects, minor and major events, client venues and prestigious locations. Like a starfish, our team is equipped to move know-how and tools right where problems need to be faced and solved, harmonizing spaces to foster creative processes.
  • TECHNOLOGY: technologies and contents capable of supporting users during co-creative innovation workshops (Digital Mosaic, content/knowledge mining platforms, hyper-connectivity, electronic brainstorming, virtual reality). By using technologies, FUTOUR accelerates facilitation, contents collection and strategic decision-making.

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